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Dave Nelson has been in the health and wellness industry for well over a decade, and has helped thousands of people achieve their goals through his expertise in proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation although he wasn’t always the healthiest of people. Dave used to weigh 294lbs and had a 48 inch waist. Trying out diet pills, gimmicks and every kind of diet promising results, Dave would always lose weight then gain it back. He put himself through a lot of trial and error so that he could help clients with what really worked, and stay away from the gimmicks and fads. 

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Good night chesty puller where ever you are. 

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This traveling memorial honors the service and sacrifice of all who answer our Nation’s call; then, now, and tomorrow.  The life-size portraits depict the fallen of Lima Company 3/25, one of the hardest hit units in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

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