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John Porvaznik 4/18/1922 - 7/20/2015
3rd Mar Div vet. Participated in invasion of Bougainville in Solomon Islands, Guam  in the Marianas Islands and Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands. 
He was a well respected and liked member of  the AZ Semper Fi Vets. He also enjoyed the camaraderie of associating with Marines of all ages and different eras in the Marine Corps. 


Glynn Myers

Marine Machinist 

Casa Grande post 8 ride director

Bobby Taylor, AKA "Top"
He was a career Marine, a Drill Instructor and well regarded in our group

if the army and the navy ever look on heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by united states marines. 

   This poem was written in remembrance of 
Randall Jack Sandoval
By his mother, Loretta Hall Sandoval, 3/1969

He Lives
What is death?
We all loved him in life beyond explanation ---
How can he be dead like the Marine officer told us
When he's so alive in our hearts.
He lives.
A dear brother to Todd, Brian, Gina and Cari
A dear son to his father and me
A first child but no dearer than the rest
We miss him with the greatest pain in our hearts.
He lives.
A boy with great love for his God
A boy with great love for his family
A boy with great love for his fellow man
A boy with great love for his life.
He lives.
The guitar he played now is still
The songs he sang with it no longer sound
The amplifier is turned off
But as his family we can still hear it.
He lives.
A boy with great love for his country
A boy with great respect for its flag
A man that couldn't let someone else
do a job that was his to defend it.
He lives.
But God couldn't see it for this man
So he took him with himself one day
Even tho' his friends tried in vain to keep him
This life was not meant for him.
He lives.
His many friends still mourn his leaving
And our hearts will always be heavy laden
We know he's better off with God
But how do you lock the door at night
When you know one child is still out?
He lives. 

Lon Ghaster

Iwo Jima Marine 

AZ Semper Fi vets

Mel Naseman 3rd Marine Division 
Wrote a book ( Eagle Eye ) about his experiences in the Pacific.
First Marine Raider
Purple Heart, Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars