1982-1986 2/8
0321 2nd Force


Lance White
1990-1996 Aviation Ordnance. stationed at 29 Palms Ammo Dump and MALS 12 Ordnance in Iwakuni, Japan Mainland 

Chris Oglesby,0311 basic infantryman with 3rd BN, 3rd Mar Div from 1994 to 1998.  He spent a lot of time in Okinawa, as well as many other lands throughout the Pacific.  Christopher now teaches U.S. History and U.S. Government at a high school in Phoenix

Gary (Wink) Winkelman
Joined the Marines in July 1967 served 26 yrs 6 months and 13 days.  Was an Air Traffic Controller the whole tour except for 22 months as a DI (drill instructor). Served in Viet Nam but for only 3 months in Chu Lai.  Unit shipped out for Japan right after I joined them.  
Went to boot camp in San Diego 3rd battalion.  Returned
as a DI to San Diego and was assigned to 3rd battalion.
Was stationed in San Diego, Memphis TN, Glenco GA, Beaufort SC, Cherry Point NC, Yuma AZ, Iwakuni Japan, Okinawa and Viet Nam
Nick name is WINK

Dave Kahrl
I was in 1986-90. I was in a couple of units. 3rd bn 4th Marines, 2nd Mar div 86-88---
3rd bn 8th marines 88-89---
3rd bn 12th Marines India battery 89-90.

Jose Garcia 1979 - 1983
Small engine, heavy equipment maintenance

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AZ Semper Fi vets

Isaac Garnica  1979 - 1993
Recon Gathering info
Participated in Grenada, 
Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Middle East 

Joe Calderon
Marine Corps Mar 1992 to Aug 2014

Gunnery Sergeant of Marines Retired
Stepped on the yellow footprints on 9 March, 1992 MCRD San Diego
Various billets, Stinger Missiles, Tank Commander, Civil Affairs. IMHG S-6
Deployed to Iraq March 2003 initial invasion with 3rd Civil Affairs Group Camp Pendelton CA
Deployed to Iraq March 2008 with Police Transition Team 5 Camp Pendelton
Last Served with IMHG S-6 Camp Pendelton
Retired 1 August 2014

Macy Ramirez
Active 1983 to 1993

HM1(AW) Bruce 'Doc Bones' Bonneau USN 1972-1993
Assigned to the Corps for 14 of my over 21 years of naval service. My duties included: 3rd Med BN, 3rd Mar Div, FMFPAC. During that tour in April 1975, deployed with LSU 1/9 embarked on the USS Durham (LKA-114) and participated in Operations Frequent Wind & Eagle Pull. Those operations resulted in the evacuation of U.S. personnel and Vietnamese refugees from South Vietnam.
3rd MAW, MCAS El Toro I&I Staff, Johnson City,.. TN CSSD-16, MCAS Yuma assigned as the unit's first Corpsman and established the Medical Department.