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AZ Semper Fi vets

Lcpl Delhaes. Enlisted Dec. 2014. Went to MCRD SAN DIEGO, India Co. 3rd Battalion. Then went to Camp Pendleton in Mar. 2015, Golf Co. 3rd Battalion. After that, went to Pensacola in Apr. 2015. There studied the MOS 6300. Finished in Oct. 2015. Once done with that, had to train in Sierra Vista, finished the last bit of training in Jan. 2016. Finally earned the the whole MOS 6314

Little John 
1st Mar Div. 7th Engineer Battalion
MCRD Camp Pendleton 

Michael Roy 
Old Breed Detachment #767

CPL Joesph Jader

July 24th 2006 MCRD SAN DIEGO/ to

MAY 15th 2012 - MAG-11 was the last 

unit I was with when got my honorable

discharge. OIF Marine Tactical Air 

Command Squadron 48. July 2007 to

25th January 2008, OORAH 


Wesley S. 
Harrier engine mechanic/6212

R.C. Thompson

Lcpl. Thompson ; Bootcamp...Fox Co. Plt. 2089..San Diego ; 1/3 Marines(K-bay); Desert Storm Combat Veteran....89-92....Honorable Hardship discharge (Mother had terminal illness); Bad Ass ....Sawgunner, now I am Veterans advocate and Az Semper Fi Vet

Dick Collis
MCRD S.D. October 1st 1961 "B" 1-1 1962-1963 "F" 2/9 1963-1964 11th Marines Base M.P. 1964-1966 B


I was an 0411 Marine integrated 

maintenance management 


Bob Stucke

July 64-May 68 Hollywood!

Served in SE Asia in 65-66 Charlie Co. 1st Battalion 1st Marines.