Bob Greenway, 1954-1958 one of the founding members of our group. He worked with Marine Corps Test Unit one researching use of helicopters with ships designed for helicopter use.

Glenn Thompson   
 4th Signal Company, 4th Mar Div
Glenn joined the Fourth Div. while it was being formed in North Carolina and made all four of its Pacific landings. (Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima). He came to Arizona in 1948 and had a 36 year career in Broadcast Engineering with KPHO-TV . Retired in 1987 as Chief Engineer.

Trevor Ebersole 

USMC 2/3 Comm from 1988 - 1992

Kim Skelton
Marine Corps -1979-1990
29 Palms -1979-1981(C&E Schools) and 1985-1990 (C&E/Base Comm)
Cherry Point (H&HS-28 TACC 2nd MAW) 1981-1982
Okinawa (H&HS-18 TACC 1st MAW Futenma)1982-1985

Dennis Kavanaugh,   2-F-23-4th Mar Div
Dennis worked for Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company for 35 years in various capacities, retiring as a staff engineer in 1976. He and his wife, Norma were married for 75 years. Norma (Sugar) Kavanaugh passed away 11/18/2015. She was a friend to many group members and will be missed
He landed with the first wave on Iwo Jima.

Derrick Pfannenstiel USMC 1985-1989 also a group founder.
Shown on the right with a Navajo Code Talker taken in Sacaton, Arizona at the  IRA HAYES MEMORIAL  during an annual Commemoration Ceremony for the Iwo JIma campaign 

Micheal Jiron 1968-1970
"B" Co 5th Tanks

Enlistedin the Marine Corp with my buddy Roger under the buddy plan in 1968 so we would go through boot camp together. Had lots of fun in boot camp then went on to tank school.

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AZ Semper Fi vets

Greg "A.J." Hitchcock

6 years total active. 4 with 2/6 0311 and 2 years MAWCFR 7051 Aircraft Crash Fire Rescue. MCAS Cherry Point 1 yr. MCAS Yuma 1 yr. 1988-1994.


May 1943 - August 1946    Parris Island boot camp. Went to Bakers School in Camp Lejeune and made corporal on graduation.. From there to Camp Pendleton and headed for Guam in July but the Island was secured before we arrived so went to Hawaii and became attached to the 5th Division and went to Iwo Jima, went ashore on Feb 21 and after experience of loading wounded for transfer to hospital ships, became sick and was sent to hospital in Guam. Back to Hawaii and at end of war went to Japan. Back to states and discharged in 1946.

Roger Clark

WOW ! Today is D-Day ! I just realized that yesterday June 5, 1965 (just before graduating from High School)... I took my Oath of Enlistment for the United States Marine Corps. Little did I know at the time that next June 1966 that I would be headed off to SE Asia for my senior trip! Time flies...Don't blink...God bless all my Brothers and sisters who served and died in our country's wars.

Jim is posing with a Japanese interpreter in the city of Sasebo on the island of Kyshu in  Japan in 1945

Bob Collier, 1964-1965

Vietnam vet.
Commander of American Legion Post 75
A life time member of the VFW Post 9400.

Darnell S.  1989 - 1996 another of the 3 founding members of the Semper Fi group, MOS 0481 Landing Support Specialist  (Red Patcher)